Experience the BEST Nigerian Suya & Kilishi

Atam Ishaku

Owner & Operator

I started cooking for friends and family in our yard and was advised to open a business. I have always loved to cook so I traveled home to Nigeria to learn how to make the cuisine we make. We pray we one day want to pass this business down eventually to our children and grandchildren.

group of people in shorts and t-shirts

Family-owned and operated for generational growth. We make Suya and Kilishi which has always been a passion of mine. Production site storefront. We do wholesale of our products for supermarkets and restaurants. Also individual sales. We do large and small orders.

A person in a ‘Suya’ apron holds a tray of red meat, ready for grilling
meat cooking on grill

True Flavor Of Africa

Introducing a basic African snack and reminding others of Africa’s delicious Suya and Kilishi. ur products are always handmade and give you the true flavor of these Nigerian snacks

Our products are seasoned with authentic African spices. The snacks are great paired with wine or beer. Our snacks complement any sporting event.

Malam Ishakusuya Van parked on street

Delivery $15 within 10 miles $$ for extra distance, we do FedEx or USPS delivery too. Cater to events with 1 month’s notice.

In memory of our beloved MMA Rose Ochiagha

Flavors that will transport you home

Stop By or Take Out